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Formally established in 2008, 2think, LLC has specialized in the conceptualization, design, prototype construction and outsourced production of consumer products and mechanical assemblies since 1997.

Working in such diverse industries has provided 2think with a unique perspective in creating design solutions for a vast array of problems. It is this experience that lies at the very heart of value in 2think’s service offerings.


90%Medical Industry

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85%Sporting Goods Industry

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80%Industrial Industry

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85%Automotive Industry

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2think offers a wide range of services for anyone who wishes to explore their idea at many levels.

Please review the offered services below which are presented in a common order of precedence relating to full product development:

Defining the "naked idea"

OK, so you have an idea which you think will make a great product or improvement to an existing product. Learn More

Idea Fine Tuning

Now that you have determined your idea has merit in the market place, it's time to delve into the specifics of creating a tangible product.Learn More

Physical Prototype Construction

At this point you have invested a lot of time and energy into your idea. You're now eager to make absolutely sure your idea will work in reality. Learn More

Intellectual Property Protection

Whether you plan on commercially selling your idea or not, good ideas have always managed to leak out into the public sector where non-scrupulous entities have adopted these ideas as their own and capitalized accordingly.Learn More

Mass Production Import

If you're at that point of taking the next big step to realizing your idea in the market place then importing your own products from being manufactured overseas might be your next effort, requiring a great deal of logistical know-how. Learn More

Reverse Engineering

If you have an existing mechanical product or part you wish to have "Reverse Engineered", immense patience and attention to detail along with in-depth knowledge of materials and manufacturing is requisite. Learn More

Finite Element Analysis

Depending upon your application, the need to know where all the mechanical forces produce stress and strain within a part or system of parts can be crucial to a product's functional success and safe operation!Learn More

3D Product Animation and Rendering

In addition to having a working prototype, the next most impressive means to illustrate your idea is through the use of motion videos and extremely sharp and realistic imagery. Learn More


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